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Let the Peugeot roar be heard!

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  • Social Media Presence Strategy
  • Corporate Identity
Let the Peugeot roar be heard!
Gladly seen on the roads, Peugeot has been among the best-selling vehicles in our market for years. We follow him in all marketing rides!

So many models, so many opportunities!

Who with nostalgia doesn’t remember legendary city pets like the 204 or 205? Peugeot continued to launch new models, and we continued to follow them with campaigns. We took over the world level of campaigns through local adaptation and various other models of support, and we also presented new models to the Croatian public. From flash mobs, through interactive banners and outdoor advertising, new models have captured attention!

Digital by world standards

From desktop and mobile banners to social media to Google Display ads, Peugeot knows it's important to be where your audience is. And for years, online has not been a trend, but an equal platform to ATL. In addition to creating interesting content, online also allows us to target placement and "play" formats, because - why not?

Corporate social responsibility

Peugeot Croatia with the Demining Office with the Director of the Office, Ms. Dijana Pleština, organized a charity event over three years - an auction of three different Peugeot models called "208 against mines", later 308 and 2008. All proceeds were intended for demining parts of Croatia. In addition to the auction, fundraising for the demining project took place through donations.



Won the first Effie for the Peugeot campaign

What have we achieved?

Preserving a positive brand image

Promotion of new car models, and online and offline activities.

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