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Smart marketing for smart services

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Smart marketing for smart services
Our creative and marketing solutions for Zagrebačka banka, one of the most successful banks in Croatia, is proved that good marketing is worth gold.

IziPay campaign


When the largest bank in Croatia launched a new mobile payment service, IzyPay, two important campaign goals were defined; through online and offline channels encourage users to activate and highlight the speed and ease of the process along with other benefits.

The seemingly simple task turned into a real challenge. What is the right photo that our younger target group will easily identify with, what message is interesting enough to encourage their activation and how to combine it all to be in line with the strict standards of Zagrebačka banka.

However, with a good analysis of the target group, the right solution came faster than we expected, and with it the desired results. Because who wouldn’t want to use a service with which you can share an account faster than a selfie?

Zagrebačka banka launched a new mobile payment service - IzyPay - and we encouraged users to activate through online and offline channels and emphasized the speed and simplicity of the service process.

What have we achieved?

Corporate communication

Creative and marketing solutions in promoting a new product, activating users and creating new habits.

E-mail marketing

Copywriting and production of newsletters, introducing the bank's clients to new and existing services and products.

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