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The most delicious collaboration!

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The most delicious collaboration!
McDonald's has been on the Croatian market for more than 20 years, and we are just as much building a relationship of trust and cooperation, listening to the market and growing together with the number of guests.

McDonald's in Croatia

Back in 1996, the first McDonald's in Croatia opened. Today there are 34 restaurants in 10 cities. As appetites grew, so did McDonald's, and its quality and brand image are still a reflection of high global standards with the "spice" of the local spirit. Through various promotions, new desserts, toys, restaurant modernizations - we serve only the best marketing support!

Always hungry for local campaigns!

Local campaigns can greatly increase the popularity and visibility of major global brands. In this way, we show that communication between the brand and consumers is not one-way, but also two-way - even more than that, brands are ready to adapt to the market. McDonald's is no exception. In a series of TV spots designed and recorded in Croatia, both cultural symbols and a special expression characteristic of our climate can be recognized. It turned out that such a strategy enabled McDonald's to go even deeper into the lives and hearts of Croatian consumers.

Innovation as a thank you for brand loyalty

Given the important, round, anniversary, communication and promotional idea was to express gratitude to all customers for 20 years of loyalty. A completely new, completely local hamburger with ingredients typical of Croatian cuisine - HRburger - was designed. Local flavors, a local name and local production has spawned wonderful food shots with an emphasis on local produce. The success of the promotion is also shown by the second edition of HRburger two years later, which the guests of the restaurant were happy to welcome.

Global idea, original local solutions

Some celebrate a birthday with cake and candles, and the Big Mac celebrates it with bacon. Some organize classic celebrations, and McDonald’s challenges its consumers to try the Big Mac with bacon and discuss whether the Big Mac with bacon is still the Big Mac. With an interesting TV spot, the consumer perception from the teaser phase to the reveal phase was attracted by the original and entertaining OOH and online campaign. Is it possible to make an original local solution out of a global idea? The answer is in this case - yes!



Outdoor advertising finalist for the 20 years of McDonald's campaign in Croatia, 2016

Media Mixx

Finalist for the 20 years of McDonald's campaign in Croatia, 2016

Sample and Media Mixx

McDonald's Breakfast Campaign Finalist, 2016

What have we achieved?

Campaign 360

Integrated 360 communications: ATL, BTL, PR, online and McDonald's restaurant activities.

Increasing sales through PR

Through various channels of communication (guerrilla, PR) we have increased awareness of the importance of breakfast and promoted a new product.

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